Need Unique Content? Content Spiffer is the ultimate tool for producing huge volumes of Unique Content! It's not a scraper, and it's not a spinner...

Content Spiffer takes a different approach by blending content that you've already acquired and adding your own links, images, videos, keywords and customized text. This enables you to turn your old, over-scraped, over-used articles into fresh unique content!


Today it is more important than ever to have unique content - and not just for your own sites! Every link pointing at your sites becomes stronger when surrounded by unique, contextual content. But these days, unique text just isn't enough. To get the full benefit of unique content, it needs to have related media and authority links!

Content Spiffer raises the bar by mixing related content and adding HTML, BBCode or Wiki Markup for links, images, videos, keywords and your own custom content to text articles in bulk. This enables you to produce THOUSANDS of Unique Articles with just a few mouse clicks! It's simple enough that setting up a project only takes minutes, and yet versatile enough to make content just the way you want.

Here's a quick breakdown of what Content Spiffer can do

  • Randomly insert links, images, videos and plain text from lists into articles.
  • Blend articles together at the paragraph or sentence level.
  • Pattern controls let you determine how and where elements are inserted.
  • Pattern rule sets are saved for use in future projects.
  • Random URL & keyword selection is balanced to avoid redundancy.
  • Supports HTML, BBCode and Wiki Markup.
  • Can insert single elements, or multiple elements in spintax format.
  • Content Spiffer gives you an ideal balance of control and randomness, allowing you to create fresh content with relevant links, images and URLs from even the most used and abused articles!

Customer Testimonial

Content Spiffer has changed the way I do SEO. It basically saves me hundreds of dollars per week on content and also hours of time injecting links, and scrambling content for all SEO software.
I don't have to worry about TheBestSpinner being so unstable and crashing all the time anymore! If you do SEO on any scale then you know what I mean! You don't even need to spin when you mash content by sentences from a batch of articles. It also means the content is readable. ArticleBuilder content is a joke compared to Content Spiffer content.
You can tell the software is made by an SEO who had a problem he wanted to solve, and he's done so thoroughly. The level of detail and control is unbelievable, and the amount of money you save means the one-time price of the software is almost offensively cheap.

Micheal Carlin

Additional Features Include...

  • Four different methods for blending articles at the paragraph or sentence level.
  • Spintax Friendly! You can blend articles and insert links, images, videos and text even if your articles have already been spun.
  • Blender's Single File Output lets you compile a bunch of separate articles into a single content file, and can output it in spintax format as well!
  • Spintax Validator makes it easy to make sure there is no broken spintax in your articles prior to validating.
  • Option to preserve articles titles when blending or inserting links, images, videos and text.

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Content Spiffer is a versatile content manipulation program. It does not scrape articles or other content. The one-time purchase gives you a license to install 2 copies of the program on different machines. Requires internet access and Windows XP or higher with .NET Framework version 4. If you have questions or feedback please email: support [at]

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